fic, art and original work by lio

Welcome! This site serves as a mirror for the fic and art I've posted in various places on the internet (and some that I haven't). Everything is a big WIP right now, but I've got a few things hosted -- have a click around and see. Otherwise you can find me on AO3 and tumblr.

♥ lio


Sun 28 January 2024
  • All the DCEU and all but four WoW fics are up! Including the extended version of No Job Too Small, which has been sitting in my gdocs for years. 7k additional mouth soaping drunken fallout for anyone who finds it and, uh, wants it.
  • Remaining tally:
    • 2 F&F fics
    • 4 Warcraft fics
    • 50 Watchmen fics
    • 4 OW teasers
Thurs 18 January 2024
  • Happy new year, bots found the discord webhook 😂 On the plus side, it reminded me that this project exists! #justlittleADHDthings. Time to spend a little time with it again here and there.
Sun 24 September 2023
  • Seven more DCEU fics down! Just four tiny ones to go.
  • Update page is much neater thanks to <summary> and <details>, tags I'm pretty sure didn't exist back in the Angelfire days.
  • Speaking of ye olden times, looking forward to accidentally reading some baby's first writing when I tackle the Watchmen folder. 'published 2009' is putting the fear in me.
  • Remaining tally:
    • 4 DCEU fics
    • 26 Warcraft fics
    • 50 Watchmen fics
    • 4 OW teasers
Mon 18 September 2023
  • Bro I played so much FFXIV but there are five more DCEU and five six more Warcraft fics up (I can't count). Getting there. Kind of.
  • Actually there are 26 Warcraft fics to go because I didn't cross-fandom tag on AO3 and forgot to count ones from the novel section.
  • And one of the DCEU fics is actually like five ficlets that I'm going to separate out. Remember when I could write <1k word ficlets? Weird.
  • Getting there!! Kind of!! 🤬
  • Remaining tally:
    • 7 11 DCEU fics
    • 23 26 Warcraft fics
    • 50 Watchmen fics
    • 4 OW teasers
Sun 10 September 2023
Wed 06 September 2023
  • I put things down for a week or so to save my copy paste hand, but the Watchmen fic index is live with five fics. cw: old stuff.
  • I have been messing around with epubs/pdfs, but I'm fussy about how it looks and AO3's download ain't it. There's Calibre and Scrivener to test out, or reedsy's online thing... or I might just shelve the idea cos it's just busywork really.
  • I can't get the site to be responsive browsing on a tablet for some reason. It's still useable, just a little overlapping text and way more whitespace than I'd like. It's mostly annoying that I can't figure out why!
  • I'm looking forward to uploading new stuff here. I have some older fics that I kind of want to finish and keep with the rest, but also don't want to send out a notif by throwing it onto AO3. I like posting things but I don't want fandom at large's attention? I guess? But here's perfect for that.
  • Anyway. Remaining tally:
    • 17 DCEU fics
    • 29 Warcraft fics
    • 50 Watchmen fics
    • 4 OW first chapters (I'm thinking I have nothing finished and I want to try publishing them when I do, so... WIP/teasers only for this section, or like, the truly unpublishable stuff.)
Mon 28th August 2023
  • Filterable fic pages now exist! My javascript is very basic so I borrowed someone else's code and went ham on adapting it to my requirements.
  • The Warcraft and DCEU index pages are live with five fics uploaded each.
  • All two Other fics are live with their own fairly pointless filter page.
  • Still didn't play FFXIV.
  • Remaining tally:
    • 17 DCEU fics
    • 29 Warcraft fics
    • 55 Watchmen fics
    • Mumble mumble OW
Sat 26th August 2023
  • I scrapped the DW update log. It's no easier than doing it manually, had limited styleability, was slow af, and I couldn't get rid of the stray comment text. It was mostly just because I could. This is fine! And looks much better!
  • I said I was going to play FFXIV. I mostly did not. What I did do was create a playlists page and art gallery for F&F. The gallery was less complicated than I thought it would be, so I guess I just spent a lot of time psyching myself out. Who could have predicted that??? Anyway, I'm deliriously happy that I don't have to make thumbnails.
  • I'm experimenting with clickable divs for the fic indexes, so the whole box is a link instead of just the title. Explorations into making them rudimentarily filterable are still daunting but for real this time.
  • I am not going to do this all day like I did yesterday, lol, but this is all the basics in place and the rest is mostly gonna be a lot of c&p.
  • Current tally (don't ask me about the art):
    • 22 DCEU fics
    • 34 Warcraft fics
    • 55 Watchmen fics
    • Negligible amounts of OW and Other
Fri 25th August 2023
It's Friday! Time to do anything but write.
  • Site structure formalised and placeholder pages all present and linking where they should (I think). The submenu isn't very sophisticated, but it works well enough for both desktop and mobile view.
  • I set up a webhook and a form in the footer of each fic page that sends a message to an otherwise empty discord server. I expect it'll be mostly unused until bots find it, but the novelty is entertaining in the meantime.
  • Streamlined the css a bit. There's definitely redundancy in the various divs I'm throwing around that could be improved on. But I probably won't bother or I will end up starting from scratch for the sake of it. I know myself.
  • Still not looking at gallery code yet. I'm going to play FFXIV instead.
  • One last bullet point.
Wed 23rd August 2023
  • Figuring out how to structure everything is trickier than I thought, but my back catalogue isn't so vast that I need anything very complicated. Once I'm more comfortable with javascript I might try my hand at an index-style archive page with sortable tags, but individual pages per fandom will do for the time being!
  • I now have a handful of F&F fics live, though tweaks are ongoing. AO3's html output contains too much extraneous data for my liking to upload fics as is, even with a bunch of css to wrangle it into something not-so-ugly, but I have a system that's not too onerous. At least neocities doesn't support php so I'm not tempted to try (yet).
  • Looking askance at the art gallery options and sweating rn.