fic, art and original work by lio


the forsaken and the forsworn | hubriel
Songs for an (un)holy prince of pirates, his eldritch storm goddess, and the commodore who forswore them both.

until the storm passes | hubriel
Pirates and plunder, sea and thunder - songs charting a forsworn and a furysworn through a storm (mostly) of their own making

drink the brine | xeheia's fold
A playlist for the pirate-priest cultists who reave the Fourfold Seas in worship of a bloodthirsty eldritch storm goddess (...or is she?)

cloudburst | gabriel berthelot
There will be storm at last, storm, glorious storm.

keraunograph | hugo melançon
Struck, was I, not yet by lightning — lightning lets away.

watcher of the depths | gabriel & xeheia
A kinship, as it were.

swallower of secrets | hugo & vidakai