fic, art and original work by lio

Did you know that you can write whatever the hell you like and nobody can stop you?? Anyway, here's a little about my fandom history

While I had LJ from like 2000, I somehow managed to not stumble into fandom until many years after that. What was I even doing on LJ? Beats me. But my main interest around my time was a fantasy MUD with wild worldbuilding and a small but dedicated playerbase. As a builder, I had basically free rein to create a living world there, which I happily did for years. It was writing, there was narrative and environmental storytelling, and limited space to create impact, and it served me well even if I wouldn't think of myself as a writer for a long time to come.


I was here 2009—2012, with one or two fics in 2015/16. Watchmen was my first real experience of fandom and of sharing things I'd created with any kind of wider audience - and, well. Smut. Queer smut. Paradigm-shifting queer smut. Its community hub was the kinkmeme, whose anonymity and enthusiasm encouraged me to write actual stories—and to realise I could (if not well. We all start somewhere!). Dan/Ror was very formative: two people messed up in different ways who used to have each other's backs but went through a messy end to their partnership, only to reconcile years later for a greater cause (and/or obliteration).

All works contain cw: Rorschach by default, and often contain his uncomfortable processing of queer attraction (or failure to process thereof). Caveat lector.


2016-2018. Two Snyder films in a row, yeah I know. What can I say, I am a sucker for slo-mo violence and that particular eroticisation of the male form that oblivious (presumably) straight guys excel at. The enemies to allies narrative of BvS grabbed me, as did Bruce's all-consuming fervent drive to take down a man he percieved to be a god. I love a character with a big plan and iconoclastic tendencies, especially when he's ostensibly the villain (I understand people didn't like that! Having no previous investment in Batman, I thought it banged). I drifted off after JL didn't do much for me, then the DCEU basically self-destructed anyway, so.


2019-2021. I played this game for fifteen years. FIFTEEN YEARS. And did not ship a thing. But then I read The Last Guardian and the mentor-death-at-the-student's-hand that went down with Medivh/Khadgar got me in the end, and then I got sucked into the shipping potential of a canon that is, let's say, economical with character depth. Flynn/Shaw ended up taking up most of my creative energy because their contrasting personalities were great for the kind of humour I enjoy writing, but as much as I punched the air when they went canon, the execution killed their vibe for me (that was a pun). Flynn/Tandred ended up being my dark horse ship, with plenty of room for that magical combination: a history, a betrayal, and a reconciliation.


Fandoms I'm fond of but that I haven't created a lot for. Mostly written for exchanges when the mood catches me.

I've pretty much tapped out of fandom as it exists these days—I'm happily pouring my creative energy into The Forsaken and the Forsworn instead; an original world created by my dear friend ali that contains all the things we love and none of the things we don't.